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Joomla is the Web Designers favourite when it comes to flexibility, that is why I have chosen Joomla Software for this very website. It has many more features than WordPress for page layout & the shear number of configuration options available, but its complexity means it is more difficult to navigate & get to grips with if you want to use all of its features, but for editing page content it is similar to WordPress in terms of it's ease of use.

Key core features include Content Management as well as User, Media, Language, Contact, Web Link, Menu, Newsfeed and Template Management. Interact with your visitors with Polls and Social Media integration. Full support for Mobile devices so layouts adapt when viewed on a smartphone or tablet device.

Extensibility comes in the form of installable plugins which allow Joomla to be customised to suit virtually any requirement.

Joomla Edit Article Sample page
Article Editing With Joomla

Article Editing

You can edit pages using a WYSIWYG interface (What You See Is What You Get) this means the way the page appears in the editor page is how the page will appear on the live pages of your website. This interface will be very familiar to you if you have previously used Microsoft Word or similar Software.


Joomlas strengths are in it's flexibility, you can easily change content order by dragging and dropping articles within the article manager, this also applies to menu items and modules. Articles can be configured to activate and expire over set time frames and can be turned on and off on the click of a mouse.

Joomla Article Manager Sample page
Joomla Article Manager

User registration is also supported and users can be assigned privilege levels and so have access limited to select articles and features.

As with all services, help and assistance can be provided and also instructional videos on how to use this Software. For advice, further information or a demonstration contact

Further detailed information available at the developers website