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One of the reasons why WordPress is so appealing to so many is its simplicity and ease of use, to date WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management Software.

Key features include Content Management as well as User, Media, Comments, Menu and Theme Management.

Extensibility comes in the form of installable plugins and widgets which allow WordPress to be customised to suit virtually any requirement with over 22,000 available to choose from. Websites will adapt when viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

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Page Editing With Wordpress

Page Editing

You can edit pages using a WYSIWYG interface (What You See Is What You Get) this means the way the page appears in the editor page is how the page will appear on the live pages of your website. This interface will be very familiar to you if you have previously used Microsoft Word or similar Software.


WordPress' primary function is as Blogging Software and supports blog posts and follow up comments with moderation as one of it's core functions, it can however be adapted to manage any website layout. The choice of whether to use WordPress would be based on your requirements and site layout.

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Wordpress Widget Manager

User registration is also supported and users can be assigned privilege levels and so have access limited to select articles and features.

As with all Jigster.com services, help and assistance can be provided and also instructional videos on how to use this Software. For advice, further information or a demonstration contact Jigster.com

Further detailed information available at the developers website wordpress.com