Website Design

website design http imageIf you’re looking to branch out onto the web then look no further, creates high quality professional websites that you will be proud to put your name to. Whether you're a business or social group your site can be designed and hosted on feature rich web servers with dynamic interactive components, animation or video.

The Design process

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To create a website that exceeds your expectations it is important to fully understand your requirements, your ultimate goals, target audience and any relevant information that will aid the design process. Initially you may not know exactly what you want or even what is possible, so all questions and possibilities will be explored and addressed during planning so that you know exactly what you want and what will be delivered. Information can be gathered by completing an online form, by email, by phone or in person if preferable.


With a clear idea of what is required, one or more mock-ups will be produced for you to look at and provide feedback on. Alterations will then be made based on your feedback or further mock-ups will be produced until you are happy with the final design.


During the build process the site will be uploaded to a temporary location on the web so you can review how the site build is progressing. During development care is taken to ensure the site complies with current web standards and upon completion the website will be thoroughly tested to ensure it is free from bugs and proof errors. If satisfied the site is functioning and looking as good as it can be it will be handed over for a test drive and final tweaking if needed.


Prior to launch we’ll work together to make sure you’re happy with how the site functions and if using a Content Management System such as Joomla or WordPress you are satisfied you can navigate the system and do what you need to. This also applies to other script based website software too such as forums and e-commerce. Once you are happy and give the green light we’ll then make the site live.


Once your website has been completed you won’t be abandoned, full support is provided to iron out any issues that arise and 60 days free help and assistance is provided so you become fully at ease with your website system. Analytical reports are also provided and basic level Search Engine Optimisation including keyword analysis and optimised page content.