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Note: If you have multiple Computer problems use this as a guide to predict cost. Once a problem has been identified i will agree a fixed price to resolve the fault before proceeding. If the problem is not fixed then you will not be charged for the repair.

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**Provide and setup premium VOIP Phone handsets.
Note: You may also use a 3rd party Internet VOIP provider for outside calls or use the Internet for free VOIP only calls. Annual maintenance cost 10% of total system value.

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Note: Use this as a guide to predict cost of minor installations, larger projects may require a survey and requirement analysis. This doesn't take into account existing network infrastructure. Prices subject to site survey if required. Contact me for advice and to arrange a survey and quotation.

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Note: You may choose options from multiple tabbed categories if you wish. You are under no obligation by sending this quote, any work will only commence once both parties have agreed on a final price.

All web design prices include
A professional website usually built using Joomla or WordPress Content Management Systems which will comply to current web standards.
Joomla Icon Wordpress Icon
Installation and setup of CMS plugins to enhance your website which can include Google Analytics, anti-spam, search engine optimisation, XML sitemap and broken link checker among others.
Basic Search Engine Optimisation of your website including keyword analysis, link and image tags, plus contextual titles, headings and meta tags.
Submission of website to Google & other popular search engines.
Google Analytics setup to monitor website traffic.
Help navigating Joomla or Wordpress with tuition on how to create, edit and link pages, upload images and add links.
60 days’ free support to iron out any issues that arise.
Web Design prices are estimates based on current understanding of your requirements. I will work with you to ensure the project remains within budget and will advise if costs will be significantly higher or lower than expected.
About System Repairs
In some cases I may request that I take your PC or Laptop away to be repaired depending on what needs to be done. I will always give you notice of when I expect to fix & return it to you.
In all cases you can be assured that your data and information will be kept secure and private in accordance with the data protection act 1998.
I also service and repair Apple Macs and MacBook Laptops as well as Xbox Console hardware.
Apple Service and Repair Icon Xbox servicing Icon
About Technical Support
Free consultancy or advice may be given if it leads to the provision of my services or if currently providing services. Customers may be charged for lengthy consultation.
Tuition available if you want to learn about Windows, Microsoft Office. How to get the best from the Internet, sell using eBay or anything else computer related.
About Upgrades
I offer PC silencing to make your current PC whisper quiet.
Call out fees are only charged once, if return visits for the same problem are required then you won’t be charged further.
About Installations
Network installations use Category 6 (cat6) data cabling for gigabit Ethernet speeds allowing for future expansion. This is generally accepted as current best practice (unless otherwise directed).
I pride myself on quality of service, be assured that any installation will work as intended and be free of bugs and issues. I use premium parts for installations so you should expect trouble free operation. If for any reason this is not the case I will rectify the matter without charge (N.B. If 6 months have passed any issues are classed as a new fault).
If existing network infrastructure is not adequate for purpose when introducing new elements then advice and suggested changes will be put forward for consideration. For instance if you need an additional network hub or patch panel. I will quote for additional changes and you can decide if you wish to adopt the changes. Note: I will always consider alternatives from a money saving perspective perhaps in the form of Virtualisation (see Cloud Computing) or adapting existing resources.
Call out fees are only charged once, if return visits for the same installation are required then you won’t be charged further.
About your Quotation
By submitting this quote you are under no obligation of any kind, the information you send initiates an enquiry and tells me what your general requirements are whilst giving you an idea of the prices you are likely to pay.
Often there are too many variables to establish exact pricing so the prices quoted may be subject to change dependent upon your exact requirements. Once I know what your needs are then we can both agree a final price prior to any work taking place.
I endeavour to make my prices as competitive and low as possible, in the unlikely event you see the same services available elsewhere at a lower price I will match or better it.
You can be assured that your email address will not be used for any purpose other than to pursue the work you have expressed interest in. I do not farm email addresses or send spam messages, nor do I sell any collected details to any 3rd parties.
Once your quote is submitted I will contact you shortly.

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