Data Security

Data Security IconEncryption

Data Security should never be overlooked especially when storing information such as customer details. Encryption is the best way to protect data from falling into the wrong hands, this method of scrambling data comes in many forms like Email encryption, Secure Encrypted Data Storage, VPN Network Tunnelling, Secure WiFi and SSL Secure Socket Layer connections within a web browser such as those used for Credit Card Transactions.

Network Firewall

The first line of defence against all the nasties that reside on the Internet, it’s important to choose and configure the correct software for the job especially on a File Server or Corporate Internet Gateway.

Secure File Server

The days of Client / Server computing may be numbered in favour of Cloud Computing but it still has its place in many organisations and there’s a lot to be said for having your data on site and retaining control over security and backup. You can still offer the benefits of Cloud computing with modern server software such as Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Your files are in a central secure location requiring a logon and password to gain access.


I cannot emphasise enough the importance of backups, it’s something that is often thought of as unimportant or even completely overlooked. The two main mediums for backup these days are Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Internet Backup Services. I can provide a Network Attached Storage Server and/or limited online storage for internet backup but if this is not sufficient for your needs I can also source and setup an online backup provider if more suitable for your requirements.