Software Problems Resolved

Software Issues iconMy Computer is Running Slow

Over time computers become slower usually because they have so many programs that have been installed over the years some of which will run in the background and hog system resources, half of these programs are probably not needed. Also the hard drive can become fragmented where some larger files become split into many parts and take longer to read and write from storage. If your PC or Laptop seems sluggish then I offer tune up and optimisation services to get it performing how it used to when it was new.

Windows is Crashing

Most system crashes are caused either by overheating or by a process trying to access protected memory. Clues to the cause of a crash can be found by examining a computer’s memory dump file. If your system is powered off without shutting down properly this may cause problems over time and eventually lead to the system starting to crash regularly.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Laptop with error messagesNo matter how careful you are it’s likely that at some point that your computer will pick up a virus or spyware infection. Problems can manifest themselves in various ways, if your antivirus software doesn’t detect the infection you may just experience performance problems, loss or corruption of data or nuisance pop up advertising. Depending on the extent and nature of the infection your system can be cleared of the infection using removal tools or a system restore if needed.

For Errors and Miscellaneous Problems

Over 25 years of investigating and resolving numerous computer issues, practically any problem can be fixed. Check out my Get a Quote page for a price guide or give me a call or email me for advice and assistance.