Quiet PC

quiet pc iconPC’s can be very noisy, at worst the noise can be like torture. It’s one of my pet hates about PC’s but as I've discovered you don't have to put up with it.

Noise can be due to a number of reasons, modern PC’s while getting faster also run a lot hotter & need bigger, noisier fans to keep them cool. Vibrational noise can also be a problem which usually emits from the hard drive or fans reverberating through the casing.

Excessive heat can be very damaging to a computer and can reduce the life of the processor but it can be difficult to keep the noise down while still maintaining a low temperature.

I have investigated this subject quite extensively and have applied what I've learned to make my own PC so quiet that you can’t even tell if it’s switched on. I can apply the same techniques to make your PC quiet too.

Quiet GPU Cooler
Fanless motherboard heatsink
Quiet Power Supply Unit
Quiet Low profile CPU Fan and heatsink

How much will it cost?

This depends upon the noise level you'd like to attain that would be acceptable, potentially you could eliminate noise completely but this could be costly. Improvements that can make a substantial difference can be done quite cheaply with just a couple of components. Contact me for a system evaluation and quote.