PC and Laptop Repair

PC and Laptop Repairs iconMy PC won't Start

PC faults can be diagnosed and replacement parts sourced and installed if needed. If it transpires the Hard Disk Drive is at fault then you may be charged a little extra for data recovery (if possible) & Operating System, Software & Device Driver installation.

My Laptop won't Start

As above, however Laptops can prove to be more labour intensive when replacing certain components because they are fiddlier to take apart, diagnose and work upon. Dependant on what is wrong you will be advised on the cost before proceeding to fix the problem.

Something has Stopped Functioning

If something on your PC or Laptop has stopped working but the system is working okay despite this then it will most likely be either a driver (software) problem, a conflict with another device or the hardware component itself is faulty. You can be assured though that any problem can and will be resolved with up front fixed prices so if a problem proves difficult to diagnose and resolve you won’t pay any extra.

Laptop with broken screenMy Laptop Screen is Damaged or Faulty

If economically viable a replacement Laptop screen can be sourced and installed upon request, saving you the expense of buying a new Laptop.

See the Get A Quote page under the Repair, Support or Upgrades tab to get a price for these and other services.