Premium Web Hosting

3 Levels of hosting available

Small Hosting Option summary

Basic Hosting 

This would suit a small static website with a few pages and a contact form page, good for a small business that doesn't need to update the site content regularly.

  • Base level hosting
  • Minimal support for scripts
  • Low web space capacity
  • One email address
  • One Domain name

Medium Hosting Option summary

Advanced Hosting 

This would suit someone who wants a dynamic website, using a Content Management System to update content regularly, maybe a Blog and contact form with links to Facebook and other social media sites. Large capacity so Photos and Video can also be added to your site.

  • Intermediate level hosting
  • Multiple Web Scripts
  • Content Management System such as Joomla or Wordpress
  • Large Web Space capacity
  • Multiple Email Addresses
  • Up to 3 Domains supported
  • Multiple Databases

Large Hosting Option summary

Premium Hosting 

with admin dashboard The highest level Hosting option, you get a logon and password to an Admin Panel which allows you to create email addresses, Over 200 Installable website software applications available using the Softaculous installer, add unlimited domain names and create websites online using the site builder software.

  • Top level Hosting option
  • Up to 20 Web Scripts
  • Install Multiple Content Management Systems and a large number of other scripted software via the Admin Dashboard.
  • Extra Large Web Space Capacity
  • Up to 25 Email Addresses
  • Use Site Builder software to create websites online by filling out forms and selecting one of the available templates
  • Up to 10 Domains
  • Unlimited Databases