Information Technology Training

Data Security Icon I offer residential or on site technology training for individuals or small groups. Click to expand listed subjects for details of what is covered. My tuition fees are £20 per hour for individuals plus £10 per additional person.

  • Windows Fundamentals
    1. Upgrading and Migrating
    2. The Windows User Interface
    3. Windows Explorer
    4. Music, Photos, and Video
    5. Other Windows Accessories
    6. System Settings
    7. Devices and Networking
    8. Windows Security
    9. Printing
    10. Backing Up and Troubleshooting
    11. Internet Explorer and other web browsers
    12. Windows Live Essentials
  • Using Microsoft Office Programs
    1. Suite-Wide Elements
    2. Word fundamentals
    3. Excel fundamentals
    4. PowerPoint fundamentals
    5. OneNote fundamentals
    6. Outlook and web email fundamentals
  • Excel Spreadsheets
    1. Getting Started with Excel
    2. Entering Data
    3. Creating Formulas and Functions
    4. Formatting
    5. Adjusting Worksheet Layout and Data
    6. Printing
    7. Introduction to Charting
    8. Adjusting Worksheet Views
    9. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
    10. IF, VLOOKUP, and Power Functions
    11. Security and Sharing
    12. Database Features
    13. PivotTables
    14. Data Analysis Tools
    15. Introduction to Macros
  • Microsoft Word Training
    1. Getting Started with Word
    2. Editing Text
    3. Formatting Text
    4. Paragraph Formatting
    5. Formatting Pages
    6. Formatting with Styles and Themes
    7. Creating Bullet and Numbered Lists
    8. Working with Tables
    9. Illustrating Your Documents
    10. Using Macros and Building Blocks
    11. Proofing Your Documents
    12. Reviewing Documents with Others
    13. Sharing Documents with Others
    14. Customizing Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Training
    1. Navigating PowerPoint
    2. Working with Presentations
    3. Working with Slides
    4. Adding Pictures to Slides
    5. Adding Content to Slides
    6. Adding Shapes, Diagrams, and Charts to Slides
    7. Adding Video, Audio, and Animation to Slides
    8. Preparing the Presentation
    9. Delivering Your Presentation
    10. Reusing and Sharing Presentations
  • Getting the most from the Internet
    1. Getting conntected - wired or wireless
    2. Overview of available Web Browsers
    3. Navigating the world wide web
    4. Facebook and Twitter
    5. Instant Messaging
    6. Setting up a webcam
    7. Internet on the move
    8. Keeping data secure
  • How to use eBay and PAYPAL
    1. Setting up an eBay account
    2. Setting up a PAYPAL account
    3. Navigating eBay
    4. Buying basics
    5. Selling basics
    6. Creating and Managing Listings
  • Photoshop: beyond the basics
    1. Adobe Bridge
    2. Organising Images
    3. Camera Raw Essentials
    4. Fixing Common Problems Using Camera Raw
    5. Retouching and Creative Techniques in Camera Raw
    6. Automating Camera Raw
    7. Photoshop Interface Essentials
    8. Documents and Navigation
    9. Digital Image Essentials
    10. Cropping and Transformations
    11. Working with Layers
    12. Selections and Layer Masks
    13. Tone and Color with Adjustment Layers
    14. Options for Tone and Color Correction
    15. Retouching Essentials
    16. Combining Multiple Images
    17. Essential Filters
    18. Essential Blend Modes
    19. Type Essentials
    20. Layer Effects and Styles
    21. Sharing Images
    22. Video in Photoshop
  • An introduction to Web Design
    1. HTML basics
    2. CSS basics
    3. Content Management Systems
    4. Editor programs overview
    5. Image formatting and optimising
    6. Uploading with FTP
  • Wordpress CMS Training
    1. Getting to Know WordPress
    2. WordPress Self-Hosting or
    3. Starting WordPress for the First Time
    4. Setting Up Your User Profile
    5. Creating Posts
    6. Creating Pages
    7. Managing Images, Video, and Other Media
    8. Extending WordPress Functionality with Plug-ins
    9. Working with Themes
    10. The Twenty Eleven (Default) Theme
    11. The Appearance Tab
    12. WordPress Settings
    13. Exporting and Importing WordPress Content
    14. WordPress Site Maintenance and Security
  • Joomla CMS Training
    1. Installing Joomla
    2. A General Overview of Joomla
    3. Creating Categories
    4. Creating Articles and Basic Formatting
    5. Creating Menus for Your Site
    6. Advanced Article Formatting
    7. Setting Display Options
    8. Using Modules
    9. Using Components
    10. Using Templates
    11. Creating a Website with Multiple Languages
    12. Access Control List (ACL)
    13. Extending Joomla!
    14. Launching Your Site and Beyond
    15. Updating Joomla!

Tuition is only available in the local Nottingham area. Get in contact to arrange an appointment.

Burton Joyce I.T. training workshops

From time to time I plan to hold tuition sessions at the Burton Joyce Poplars Sports Complex or similar location. If you wish to express interest in being invited to such events please submit your name and email address below and I will contact you when dates become available. Thank you.

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